Hototogisu Opens At Paragon

Tokyo 1 Michelin Star Ramen House, Hototogisu, opens third outlet at Paragon B1-47 on 22 Feb 2019, 5:30pm! It boasts a spanking new distinct menu which has been developed by Master Chef Yamamoto, who has specially flown in from Japan and spent weeks in Singapore to prepare and curate new flavors for this outlets.

The Star of the menu is Shoyu-flavoured Asari clam broth concocted with ginger is Chef Yamamoto’s creative spin on the original Niigata’s local gourmet specialty, Ginger Shoyu Ramen. The addition of échalote (fried shallots) gives rise to the luscious aroma of the comforting soup. Topped with Low Temperature Iberico Pork Cha Shu, a wonderfully marbled premium cut of meat.

Another highlight of the menu Singaporean’s favourite: Crab Ramen! Using Japanese blue crabs boiled and simmered over long hours, the resulting crab broth carries a deep and condensed flavour with a light and smooth mouthfeel. Lemon and sour cream are added for a play of flavours. The Crab & Tomato Paste lends a distinct crab umami for a complete experience.


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