[New] Menya Musahi now on Deliveroo

The Chinatown Point's exclusive Musashi Hamburg that we've been #humblebragging about is now on DELIVEROO! Along with our signature Ramen, Soba and Rice Sets! Search for us on Deliveroo now and check if it delivers to your area, otherwise please visit our outlet anytime~ Search for Menya Musashi on Deliveroo now!


This August, we brought our beloved JFH Members a great news! We are offering 20% rebates

The Udon specialist, Kazokutei at Bugis Junction has revamped and reopened with a brand new

Use Your $J Before Expiry   Please be reminded that $J has a one year validity cycle

Funan Mall has a special place in many Singaporeans’ hearts. It is like the Akihabara